How supply chain logistics can better control vehicle ?
How supply chain logistics can better control vehicle ?

How supply chain logistics can better control vehicle ?

For supply chain operators, the use of the Transport Management System (TMS) is important to ensure efficient delivery of logistics operations.

In the supply chain, there is a lot of exchange movement among departments, which are the links that link the supply chain and greatly impact the performance of the whole enterprise. Of course, managing the connections of many departments to ensure trouble-free at any stage is not an easy task. One of the important issues facing many supply chain management systems is the inadequate control of transportation, which results in high costs and reduced customer experience.

Therefore, for any enterprises in the transportation industry from small scale to large scale, a transport management system is required.

From the practical needs of the market

Businesses meet trouble when controlling vehicles as well as driver behavior

Anytime, anywhere surveillance demand

For large businesses that manage hundreds of commercial vehicles, they have to invest huge fuel costs. Therefore, they need to monitor and manage the facilities, avoiding cost losses.

First of all, it is necessary to have a telecommunications device on their commercial vehicles so that the manager can access it to understand the status of each vehicle. Thanks to this, they can manage the entire supply chain to control the most fuel-efficient drivers. After each journey, the manager can evaluate the analysis of the efficiency of each journey, thereby planning to train the driver to use the vehicle in the best way and reduce fuel consumption.

Automatic alerting demand

In addition to constant vehicle monitoring, the market also needs an in-vehicle automated training system. These systems can alert drivers when their behavior is wasting fuel, such as sudden acceleration or running on engines, etc. A study has shown that when using these automatic notification tools, drivers know how to control vehicle engines better and save a lot of money for businesses. These saved costs can be used to invest in other activities in the supply chain, improving the operational efficiency of the chain.

Vehicle positioning demand 

For large-scale businesses, they may face the loss of the vehicle. One way to alleviate this problem is to track the vehicle by barcode system – QR Code. Thanks to this system, managers can better understand the movement of the vehicle, thereby better control the driver and avoid losing the vehicle. When detecting a device going in the wrong direction, the system can notify the driver to adjust the journey, avoiding going in the wrong direction, and losing time.

Transportation Management System – urgent demand of the market

It can be said that the demand for a transportation management system is an essential demand for every business. Because if there is any disruption in the delivery stage will affect the entire supply chain, delaying delivery to agents and customers. Moreover, when knowing how the vehicles operate?, logistics system managers will know how to improve operational efficiency and increase productivity. Starting from more efficient route management to developing better work plans from evaluating the effectiveness of previous activities.

Transportation Management System (TMS) of Blue Yonder

Understanding the problems that the market is facing, Blue Yonder has brought a transportation management system with the goal of building a flexible and easy-to-control distribution network for enterprises.

Blue Yonder is known as a leader in many different types of solutions to support the supply chain, more than any business, Blue Yonder knows market trends and understands how to help supply chains. This company has helped optimize the complex logistics network of the world’s leading businesses, helping to reduce costs, speed up operations, and improve performance for these organizations.

What are the benefits of the Blue Yonder transport management system?

Ability to easily customize

Blue Yonder’s transport management system has rich features and customization capabilities that can be easily configured to meet the current and future demands of businesses.

Building a focused look

With the Blue Yonder transportation management system, businesses have a centralized view of the entire logistics chain of the supply chain. This helps the company to make better use of transportation vehicles. Based on a system-wide connection, businesses can consolidate decisions at all gateways instead of timely decisions.

Transfer information in real-time

By using the Luminate control tower, the information will be updated in real-time, so it is not difficult for businesses to capture information timely from peripheral factors affecting the supply chain, for example, traffic, weather, etc. When this information is available, managers can adjust the system operation plan in a timely manner.

During the research, the use of Blue Yonder’s transportation management system can help businesses:

  • Increase 100% return on investment (ROI)
  • 8% off lice on the annual basis
  • Improve 40% service quality.

In short, Blue Yonder’s transportation management system can help businesses optimize their capacity and services to bring the right products to the right places as quickly as possible and at the best cost. This is the premise to improve customer experience and profit growth for businesses.

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