Don’t Let Market Downturns Rain on Your Warehouse Investment Plans Parade
Don’t Let Market Downturns Rain on Your Warehouse Investment Plans Parade

Don’t Let Market Downturns Rain on Your Warehouse Investment Plans Parade

Market analysts forecast an economic slowdown in Vietnam and the rest of the world during the next one to two years. After many interest rate rises by the Federal Reserve (FED), wars, strikes, decreased purchasing power, etc., None of the  businesses dares to ensure supply chain sustainability. Maintaining business stability and running short-term actions (monthly/quarterly targets) appear to be viable options for many businesses at the moment – even those that might be able to smooth some of the bumps in the road. However, looking at the long-term perspective, this may result in businesses remaining stagnant.

In 2022, the Zebra Warehouse Vision Study found that nearly 85% of respondents planned to rely more on automation in the future. At the same time, more than 60% said they do not know where to start. 

Even though supply chain leaders are quick to recognize that technology can help reduce labor uncertainty, many may still be reluctant to pursue automation because they believe these projects are risky, costly, and complicated.

But today’s ever-present state of uncertainty is exactly why those whose job it is to keep supply chains moving should look at ways to streamline and optimize workflows, information flows, and decision-making throughout their operations.

Following are some of the reasons why businesses should consider investing in warehouse management systems right now:

Reduce dependence on labor force. Currently, labor shortages and strikes can occur anywhere. Moreover, the labor force is gradually being replaced by Gen-Z workers, who demand a working environment that incorporates technology to assist them in their tasks.

The perception of automation projects as large-scale, expensive, and requiring long consulting engagements in order to automate a single task is simply no longer true. Recently, solutions have changed to deal with these issues:

  • Accessibility and deployment expenses are dependent on company size; 
  • Rapid implementation (1-5 months).
  • Businesses no longer require a huge IT infrastructure or to make further expenditures in this field.
  • Many logistics technology solutions are capable of performing numerous activities, coordinating employees and machinery without requiring the use of massive industrial robots.
  • The latest software solutions not only increase efficiency and ease of adjustment and modification, but also design workflows that integrate devices, machinery, employees, and the environment for various needs.

Rapid and feasible investment costs and deployment time with SaaS (Software as a Service). SaaS also enables solution providers or third parties to remotely manage, debug, and resolve challenges. Furthermore, in the future, organizations may simply double or triple the number of accounts or integrate new software into their operating systems.

Reduce managerial complexities. A warehouse management solution not only coordinates warehouse instruments but also performs tasks like data collection and analysis to design and respond to activities like: order pickers, the number of orders that need unloading, the estimated completion time, and the optimal route from packaging to transportation. This saves time and effort while improving end-to-end communication to provide accurate business reports and analytics.

Improve the business’s flexibility, long-term growth and development. In warehouse operations, especially in sectors that require direct response to customer needs, the ability to be flexible and fulfill orders quickly will give businesses a competitive edge and contribute to the long-term development foundation in the current volatile market.

So, how to find the most beneficial warehouse solution investment?

Now that you know all the things to consider how to select an efficient warehouse management system for your company’s scale. Total Logistics Solutions Company Limited (TSL) has demonstrated capacity to deploy by numerous clients in the Vietnamese, including 3PL, retail warehouses, distribution, pharmaceuticals, and so on. TSL’s solutions not only optimize efficiency but further assure customers have the greatest compatibility for their environment, scale, and operations of warehouse.

With the latest applications from AI, ML, data science and process automation, TSL’s warehouse management solution (WMS) has the ability to handle and control all your challenges in the short/long term, increasing the sustainability and competitiveness, as well as future business expansion. 

What are you still waiting for? Contact TSL immediately for free support, assistance, and information about your warehouse investment.

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