Webinar “Key challenges with Warehouse Management System of Manufacturing/Distribution in the Pharmaceutical industry” has officially ended !!
Webinar “Key challenges with Warehouse Management System of Manufacturing/Distribution in the Pharmaceutical industry” has officially ended !!

Webinar “Key challenges with Warehouse Management System of Manufacturing/Distribution in the Pharmaceutical industry” has officially ended !!

The complicated developments of the Covid-19 epidemic have seriously affected production, business and product consumption activities of businesses. Moreover, the pandemic also caused many businesses to stop production or even go bankrupt. It is an undeniable fact that the COVID-19 pandemic has created new challenges for warehouse management. The manual process has traditionally been time-consuming and requires a high amount of labor in the warehouse to meet it. However, under the changes in employment status during the COVID-19 pandemic, this shortcoming is even more obvious. That’s just one of thousands of big and small difficulties in warehouse management today…

On the morning of December 17th, TSL successfully organized a webinar with topic: “Key challenges with Warehouse Management System of Manufacturing/ Distribution in the Pharmaceutical industry”. Many years of experience in the field of warehouse management will discuss together the current inadequacies of enterprises doing business in the field of manufacturing / distribution warehouses in the Pharmaceutical industry when transitioning to the “new normal” status.

In addition, the webinar also mentioned modernization trends of storage warehouses/ distribution centers along with newly updated policies/ regulations. Finally, we give the most effective solution to “troubleshoot” for businesses in this field.

The impacts of this pandemic have awakened many businesses that are still slow to change and digitize, especially pharmaceutical manufacturing/ distributing businesses. This is an industry that deals in essential goods and must not let its supply chain “break” at any link.

At the beginning of the program session, Mr. Tran Anh Minh Huy (Chief Executive Officer – TLS) affirmed: “The Covid-19 pandemic has made many businesses realize the importance and changed the mindset of many businesses in the transformation”. In addition, the characteristics of the pharmaceutical industry have many unique and extremely complicated requirements, because there is almost no industry. Others must meet the same high safety requirements as the pharmaceutical industry.

Then, Mr. Dao Xuan Huong (Chairman of the Board – GMPc Vietnam) updated the program on the National Policy for Pharmaceutical Distribution Centers. According to the Prime Minister’s Decision 68/QD-TTg dated April 10, 2014 approving the national strategy to develop the pharmaceutical industry in Vietnam for the period to 2020 and a vision to 2030: in which, the construction planning is approved. to build 5 pharmaceutical distribution centers in the Northern mountainous region, North Central region, South Central region – Central Highlands, Southeast and Southwest region.

The pharmaceutical distribution center model is considered a more modern and advanced model than the Pharmacy General Warehouse because the pharmacy warehouse is only used to store goods of one unit and distribute to the branch warehouses of that unit. The distribution center is the integration of the GSP warehouse with a full range of Logistics/Logistics services: Storage-storage, loading and unloading, import and export, packaging, order processing, delivery, goods monitoring freight, import entrustment…

Mr. Dao Xuan Huong (Chairman of the Board – GMPc Vietnam) further shared that a few Pharmaceutical Logistics units have participated in building the distribution system. However, the scale is still small and does not fully meet the requirements for IT. Vietnam has not yet built a true pharmaceutical distribution center. The reason is that Vietnamese enterprises do not have enough potential to build a modern distribution system; Integrating logistics services and according to Vietnamese law; Foreign enterprises are not allowed to provide pharmaceutical distribution and preservation services.

At the end of session one, Mr. Dao Xuan Huong (Chairman of the Board – GMPc Vietnam) concluded about the market potential of IT solutions as follows: “Application of WMS, TMS software, and monitoring devices Monitoring helps businesses: Monitor all business activities; Monitor drug storage conditions from production to users, especially medicinal products that need to be stored in special conditions to ensure drug quality; convenient for statistics and reporting of enterprises with management agencies”

In the second session of the program, Ms. Nguyen Thi Thuy Tien (Functional Consultant – TSL) analyzed the key challenges that businesses in the manufacturing or distribution warehouses of the Pharmaceutical industry are facing:

a. The dilemma of controlling temperature in the warehouse and optimizing the distribution of picking schedules: Temperature management requirements for pharmaceutical products. Depending on the type of product that will be stored in warehouses such as: normal storage, cold storage, frozen storage… for example products such as vaccines will have to be stored in cold or frozen temperatures. Therefore, in the pharmaceutical warehouse, it is necessary to ensure that the goods are always put in the correct storage area to avoid damage and affect the quality of the goods. Inefficient picking is a problem not only of pharmaceutical warehouses in particular but also of the majority of warehouse operators. How to optimize the picking of goods, reduce travel distances, manipulate staff, and promptly respond to export orders is always a dilemma.

b. Packaging management issues of pharmaceutical products: The problem of managing the packing specifications of the goods. Pharmaceutical products often have many packaging specifications, and also have many levels of goods management such as: pieces, blisters, boxes, and pallets.

c. The lack of tools that allow timely recording of the attributes of pharmaceutical goods (expiry date, batch, etc.): Pharmaceutical products are directly related to human health, so it is a big challenge to manage the information fields related to the expiration date, batch number, lot number, shelf life, … of the product.

d. Challenges in the traceability of pharmaceutical raw materials and finished pharmaceutical products: The problem of tracking goods so that when there is a problem with the warehouse product, it can be traced as well as to recall the same products.

Following the program, the speakers from Honeywell’s sponsor companion, Mr. Tran Ngoc Phong (Distribution Sales Manager) and Mr. Nguyen Hoai Do (Solution Architect) shared about barcode devices to serve in the warehouse management process. This is also the first step for all businesses to move towards digitization in the warehouse.

How do you overcome warehouse management challenges in Vietnam?

TSL, the warehouse management system from Blue Yonder (BY WMS) and the barcode devices from Honeywell will be an effective solution to solve all the “backlog” problems in the warehouse management of your business. Intelligent warehouse management solution BY WMS is committed to helping businesses reduce operating costs, consequently improving competitiveness and increasing profits.

Besides, BY WMS warehouse management solution also helps businesses to add value from partnering with Microsoft to bring this solution to market on the Azure platform. The Azure ecosystem has proactive monitoring and provides an extended and secure approach through the API Gateway, thereby promoting warehouse operations through the Luminate platform.

It was this collaboration that helped the company build a cloud-based ecosystem to optimize system responsiveness. The application of this technology has helped eliminate the technology cycle burden.

WAREHOUSE MANAGEMENT – ALREADY HAVE TSL: Get a full set of equipment up to 300 million when buying BY WMS warehouse management solution

To accompany Vietnam logistics enterprises to overcome difficulties during the transition to the “new normal” status after the Covid-19 pandemic. TSL announces to all customers a promotion program with a huge discount. A full set of equipment in stock such as scanners, barcode printers, computers, laptops … from the world’s leading brands – Honeywell –  that will be bonused completely free of charge when customers deploy BY WMS warehouse management solution of TSL from December 17th 2021 to January 31st, 2021.

Deploying a full suite of warehouse management solution and equipment has never been easier. TSL is committed to efficiency, rapid deployment with professional services. The first 10 registered customers will receive a free consultation on the warehouse operation process with the staff who are the leading experts in the field of warehouse.

Yours truly, we would like to sincerely thank you for taking your valuable time to participate in our webinar. During the program, if there is any negligence that makes you unsatisfied, TSL would like you to ignore it!

Besides, TSL also would like to respectfully thank the sponsors, BlueYonder and Honeywell. Moreover, We would like to thank the speakers for their extremely useful sharing and analysis.

Best regards,

TSL Team.

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