Transportation Management System (TMS)

Transportation Management System (TMS)

What is the solution of transportation management - TMS?

Before the ever-changing demands of customers, businesses need to establish a more modern transport management system to optimize the process of transporting goods. Making sure products are shipped correctly and in time, respond whenever customers need it. Then, the transport management system (TMS) can help businesses.

With TMS solution, businesses efficiently manage and optimize transportation activities, whether by road, air, or sea.


Blue Yonder TMS - Solution for potential Logistic businesses

We know that the more the business grows, the more the customers’ needs change, the more complex the supply chain will be. Of course, then businesses need to use all available assets to boost profits, enhance competitive advantage, and one of the factors that need to focus more is logistics activities.

Although it is assessed that this industry still has a lot of potential for development in Vietnam, Logistics also faces many challenges, especially before the competition of foreign enterprises. Therefore, the application of new and advanced technologies is an essential thing for Logistics enterprises to operate more effectively. With the rapid development of technology and rapidly increasing consumer demand, the transportation industry plays an essential role in Logistics, in which the transportation management solution – TMS – is the center.

The optimal transport management solution for businesses

The role of Transportation Management System (TMS)

TMS – Transportation Management System is part of the supply chain management system (SCM) related to the planning, implementation, and optimization of cargo operations. TMS creates an automated process to save time and reduce shipping costs. In other words, TMS is a platform that allows users to manage and optimize the operations of the freight process.

The core function of TMS is to help businesses find the most suitable transportation mode. The system supports effective management of shipping units, shipping planning, shipping invoice control, and fastest request handling.

Benefits of Blue Yonder TMS

For the supplier

  • Monitoring the shipping process, preventing risks
  • Managing the entire cost of transportation
  • Integrating with internal devices, build a comprehensive database to evaluate business performance
  • Assess the effectiveness and cost of transport companies to make the best cooperation decision
  • Creating orders online, minimize the traditional set-up operations

For the transportation company

  • Suggest the lowest cost shipping plans
  • Monitoring orders and transports in real-time
  • Management of equipment and facilities continuously
  • Making business result reports in a timely
  • Set up a turnaround plan to save time and money
  • Assess the ability to transport between vehicles and driver groups

For the 3PL business

  • Proposing a coordination plan with the lowest cost
  • Provide an evaluation table of effectiveness for each cooperative partner
  • Monitoring the transport of goods in real-time
  • Make business reports, scientific charts and timely
  • Set up a turnaround plan to save time and money

Outstanding features of the Transportation Management System

Transportation management system (TMS) was born based on cloud computing technology and the application of artificial intelligence, IoT. This solution plays an essential role in trip management, freight payment, and route optimization.

Thanks to the use of cloud computing technology, TMS both helps businesses reduce management costs and easily upgrade features.

Here are the features of the solution


The system automatically schedules a transport plan based on historical information and demand to make the best proposal.

2. Optimization

Optimizing vehicle routes and payloads. Ensuring fast, accurate and safe transportation

3. Interoperability

Easy integration with other systems, creating a comprehensive data ecosystem.

4. Real-time monitoring

Continuously update the status of vehicles and the status of orders in real-time, ensuring managers always receive accurate and timely information.

5. Instant alert

Automatically send a warning to the manager when there are signs of errors during transportation

6. Validating delivery

Send a confirmation message to the manager via phone when the delivery process has been completed

7. Report automatically

Automatically generate invoices and produce multi-dimensional analysis reports, helping managers keep abreast of the situation

8. KPI evaluation

Update KPI in real-time to track delivery performance.

9. Multi-device

Using many different devices to access: PC, tablet, smartphone, helping managers control anytime, anywhere

10. International shipping

Multi-lingual integration platform, using foreign currencies to meet international shipping needs.

Transportation Management System (TMS) is an essential link in optimizing and improving transport operations, which is the basis of the success of a Logistics business. The application of transport management solutions will facilitate the expansion of the company’s operating flow and added value to the whole supply chain.

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