Demand Forcasting

Demand Forcasting

Blue Yonder Demand Planning - anticipates all the changing needs of the customer

Blue Yonder software makes a lot of profits for businesses by creating an accurate view of customer needs across different product segments and channels.

Today’s customers are more demanding than ever – they put higher demand into the supply chain of the business. This requires businesses to set up smarter supply chain systems, able to provide customers with the products they need in the way they want. Therefore, the supply chain has become an indispensable part of bringing a differentiated experience to customers.

However, in this current business period, businesses are facing many difficulties when the product life cycle is shorter, seasonality, there are too many advertising channels, making the demand of customers more and more complex. At that time, businesses need to apply new technology to measure and forecast customer behavior, which is the reason for Blue Yonder solution.

How does Blue Yonder work?

Blue Yonder collects information from both passive and active data points, organizes, and provides proactive insights. This cloud-based solution helps businesses make accurate predictions and shape consumer demand across different segments and throughout the product lifecycle.

Besides, by segmenting orders by different products, geographies and channels, Blue Yonder demand allows you to apply your resources effectively and profitably.

Blue Yonder and added values

Blue Yonder takes your forecasting accuracy to the next level with Luminate Request Edge, an expanded and advanced SaaS solution. This solution works by leveraging machine learning to develop accurate demand forecasts and can incorporate hundreds of real-time demand signals that benefit businesses.

Increase revenue up to 50%

Provide proactive, regulatory insights to improve forecasting accuracy through active and passive data points. Thereby improving customer experience and revenue growth for the business.

Arrange efficient inventory

Predicting the needs of customers for businesses determines the future needs of customers. Forecasting information helps companies to reduce inventory and overdue goods.

Powerful automation

Predictive algorithms can automatically adjust to changes in the operation of the business.

Features of Blue Yonder software

Blue Yonder is highly rated for automation

  • Sample identification (SKU classification)
  • Automatic statistical forecasting, parameters, and level optimization
  • Data management in real-time
  • Analyzing and comparing forecasts with goals
  • Take advantage of big data such as weather, demographics, market information (Nielsen), as data for analysis.

The algorithm of Blue Yonder

Blue Yonder does not apply a standard algorithm, this solution varies algorithms depending on the item and the situation business. In addition to the algorithm based on historical data regression, Blue Yonder also applies many other algorithms:

  • Fourier – assuming that companies change at a constant rate
  • Multiple Linear Regression – fine-tuning model with many causal variables
  • Lewandowski – assumes business change at a negligible pace
  • Croston – used for slow items with sporadic history
  • Holt Winters – used when calculating seasonality and trends that change at different rates over time
  • Moving Average – stable forecast based on recent past
  • AVS-Graves – used when demand is intermittent and seasonal
  • Attribute-Based Forecasting – applies to new estimates and adjusts itself when the sales activity begins


Blue Yonder is not only a supply chain solution provider, but also a vision-sharing partner with businesses to help them make positive changes in the future. From predicting customer needs, Blue Yonder helps companies reduce costs, increase profits, and improve collaboration to follow customers’ promises anytime, anywhere.

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