Category Management System (CMS)

Category Management System (CMS)

Category Management System - Creating profitable growth with localized assortments

Des: Move from manually intensive tasks to proactive, analytics-driven insights that grow sales and margins for both suppliers and retailers.

Today’s shoppers are the smartest and most knowledgeable in the history of retail. They are empowered to expect immediate satisfaction and product availability when, where and how they want it. Many retailers have found strategies to meet rising expectations by localizing their assortments even catering to individual stores.

While retailers always promise that better products are available to customers but product classification and control is not an easy process. This requires a system to manage and analyze huge data, ensure accuracy and always make regular assessments for timely adjustments.

Faced with fluctuations in the business environment, retailers must try to optimize performance. In return, there are many suppliers with a professional consulting role, always offering options to help retailers grow their business. However, there are still some issues that need to be addressed:

  • Manually and complex data management
  • Disconnected tools and analytics, not guaranteed for accuracy and timeliness
  • The monitoring process is inconsistent, unreliable

To solve this problem, businesses must assess internal competencies and have the background knowledge and find out ways to promote business growth.

The JDA Category Management Systems

Excellence in category management can help businesses increase their business performance, creating a difference between winners and losers in the market. JDA software provides the latest cutting-edge technology that helps businesses excel in a world where customers are becoming centric.

The JDA solution empowers professionals in goods management, moving from manual operations to immediate insights based on scientific analysis to gain a better understanding of the business situation, with the goal Increase sales and profits for both suppliers and retailers.

Benefits of JDA Category Management

  • Integrated portfolio management from start to finish, allowing for enhanced value distribution
  • Automated assortment and planogram generation, providing background data to produce better cargo allocation plans.
  • True space-aware assortment optimization for better execution of retailer and supplier strategies
  • Cloud collaboration capabilities, continuously monitor information, provide in-depth analysis at each location and proactively propose options.

JDA portfolio management solution allows you to:

  • Achieve and exceed sales plan at the store level
  • Satisfy customer shopping experiences with targeted assortments
  • Maximize scale and productivity
  • Support execution and compliance with mobility

Category Management Systems are widely used in the retail market. That is an essential tool to connect the entire portfolio management process, supporting all stages of the management process.

  • Capture and manage large volumes of buyer data from a variety of sources
  • Analyze data and create an understanding of shoppers’ behavior in macro and micro-markets
  • Develop feasible plans based on deep knowledge
  • In-depth analysis at each store level
  • Continuous performance monitoring and evaluation

Drive category growth through collaboration

Based on customer knowledge, manufacturers and retailers can work together to better monitor and manage goods at each store. With JDA, the business has a reliable adviser that always provides proactive insights and makes better changes and adjustments.

  • Understand the priority demands of buyers to optimize the distribution plan of goods in each space, enhance the experience for buyers.
  • Benefit from easy-to-use tools that are scalable, integrated and Web/mobile-enabled. Manage resources better and focus on improving operational efficiency.
  • In-depth analysis of technology, visualizing data into meaningful analysis charts in real-time. Proactively provide insights to explore opportunities to increase business efficiency.
  • Based on the size of each space to make recommendations for the allocation of goods with defined goals.

Localize with insightful assortments

Today, the retail market offers commodity classification strategies that promote customer satisfaction, increase sales, profits and return on space/inventory. Growth pressures require stores to change to maximize performance. Meanwhile, stores have difficulty recognizing the current situation. There is no tool to aggregate data and convert data into scientific charts, accurate and easy to understand. In addition, information that is not updated in real-time interferes with the ability of managers to think and respond immediately, affecting business performance.

JDA Merchandise portfolio management solution helps retailers to be more proactive, replacing manual processes into the real-time scientific analysis. Save time, resources and adjust operations at each store, plan new business better.


The Category Management Systems brings thousands of charts in minutes instead of weekly. Managers can continuously update information about the business situation and make timely adjustments to increase customer satisfaction and revenue growth.

Providing items that suit the preferences of each local buyer, reducing the amount of inventory. Businesses have gradually improved the experience for customers by allocating ‘the right goods, the right place”.

Previously, there was no specific basis to help managers develop a plan. Limited visibility leads to inadequate measurement of current business performance and external influences, resulting in missed sales.

Only a JDA The Category Management Systems with the application of powerful technology can connect managers with an understanding of the current business situation and make better changes in the future.

The JDA Cargo Management solution integrates with other systems, aggregates data, provides scientific charts, allowing managers to monitor all activities through mobile devices. Track business processes, understand the business situation to take advantage of every opportunity.

Greater than the sum of the parts

JDA has been rated as the best Category Management System for the past 20 years. The system has been deployed in more than 300,000 locations. Delivering higher business results for 1,300 manufacturers and more than 400 retailers worldwide.

The end-to-end inventory management system, which allows suppliers and retailers to work together to increase sales and meet consumer expectations in a multi-channel world. Provide input data to streamline workflow and deliver optimal performance.

Moreover, JDA professional consulting services can guide businesses to change their business strategies. Identify ways and develop roadmaps to help businesses be more productive.

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