Promote enterprise in logistics solutions, why not?
Promote enterprise in logistics solutions, why not?

Promote enterprise in logistics solutions, why not?

Logistics solutions are and how benefits for business? Invite you to read the Total Soluions Logistics learn through articles stars here.
The need for enterprise logistics?
As well as marketing, logistics terminology so far no Vietnamese names correctly. Can understand, logistics management activities or managed supply transport system of a business. Logistics is particularly important, for complex operations through many processes, stages and many related subjects. Strategy and perfect logistics solutions will help businesses save time, effort and cost. In addition, logistics also contribute to promoting a competitive advantage for businesses. Therefore, the introduction of services to help businesses logisics solve problems cargo management, warehousing, transportation. Article 233 of the Commercial Law Vietnam said:
“Logistics services are commercial activities. Whereby traders organize one or more jobs. Including receiving, shipping, storage, warehousing, customs procedures, and other paperwork, customer consulting, packaging, marking, delivery. Or other services related to the goods as agreed with the client to remuneration.

Logistics service Providers: 1PL, 2PL, 3PL, 4PL

1PL (First Party Logistics): Only businesses are self-assured of their logistic activities, not outsourcing.
2PL (Second Party Logistics): As a service provider such as trucks, shipping companies, airlines…
3PL (Third Party Logistic): The logistic service provider for customers. They will perform one or all of the cargo supply chain management.
4PL (Fourth Party Logistic): Only the overall logistic service provider, which includes multiple stages during the logistic process.

Benefits of applying software to warehouse management

Warehouse management is an activity directly related to commodity materials, including the process of organizing, preserving and managing the quantity in the warehouse. Quality of materials, well-managed goods will help the production process, the distribution is continuously avoiding the types of costs arising. In addition, the bulk management of goods also needs science to avoid errors, excess. Some of the main jobs of warehouse management are as follows:

  • Arranging goods and materials
  • Inspection and assurance of quality of goods
  • Carry out the procedures for entering warehouses, exporting
  • Receiving and checking vouchers
  • In the amount of inventory, inventory, inventory,…

Easier warehouse Management with barcode device, laptop

Warehouse management is very important, directly related to the budget and the revenue of the company. Therefore, the warehouse management craft was no longer appropriate now. Currently, TSL is providing warehouse management system (WMS). Software and this process allows enterprises to strictly control the warehouse operations and save costs.

Transport management in the enterprise

While cargo traffic demand between regions, countries or regions increased, transportation plays an important role. Reality shows, the movement of materials, products are complex because of the supply, and where consumption comes from many different places. Transportation must also ensure the safety of goods quality as well as accuracy in terms of time. Thus transport occupies a big part of business costs. It also contributed to the formation of the cost of materials and goods. Transport management problem becomes a headache for business owners. Therefore, the introduction of management software typically TMS and logistics services has brought many benefits for businesses.

Efficient transport management to save costs for businesses

TSL is proud to be a pioneering enterprise in the field of providing logistics solutions application in Vietnam. We specialize in development, logistic solutions provider and distributor of barcode equipment, laptops and accompanying materials. With the motto of “Quality-Effectiveness – Savings – Expert” in all products and services help your business solve the problem of logistics, warehousing, cargo optimally, saving and accurate.

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