The Workshop “The best mobile device management solution for business” organized by TSL Company with SOTI’s companion has officially ended!
The Workshop “The best mobile device management solution for business” organized by TSL Company with SOTI’s companion has officially ended!

The Workshop “The best mobile device management solution for business” organized by TSL Company with SOTI’s companion has officially ended!

The Internet of things (IoT) is one of the most versatile technologies available today. Its potential benefits and growth seem endless. We see that even more clearly through the recent two years of the Covid-19 pandemic, when all direct business activities of enterprises were interrupted and stopped…

However, the increasing development of IoT means that there are many possible threats. Because IoT requires millions of mobile devices to ensure continuous connectivity. This entails closely monitoring mobile devices, ensuring the security of internal information, and making optimal use of device performance to minimize downtime. So what is the solution to the problems that IoT has posed for businesses?

Total Logistics Solutions Co., Ltd. (TSL) and SOTI successfully organized a workshop with the topic “The best mobile device management solution for business” on the afternoon of June 24th, 2022 (Friday) at Liberty Central Saigon Riverside Hotel in Ho Chi Minh City. The workshop received great attention and participation from many businesses in the fields of production, distribution and retail such as Yusen Logistics, Honeywell, An Nam Food, Mesa Groups, Feddy, Maersk…

At the beginning of the program, the representative of the program organizer, Mr. Tran Anh Minh Huy (CEO – TSL Company) set the focus on the issues that many businesses are facing. He shared: “After the impact of the Covid epidemic, the trend of digitization is gradually being implemented in Vietnam to all businesses. But how to manage the work of employees while “WFH” (Work From Home) or BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) in terms of security, support…?”.

(Mr) Tran Anh Minh Huy – CEO – TSL Company

A representative from Xelex Technology Joint Stock Company – a strategic partner of TSL Company – Mr. Nguyen Huu Huy (Technical Director – XELEX Company) also shared a few words about the needs of businesses when implementing device: The ability to self-manage the device without being affected by third parties, deploy it in the most convenient way, how the management level controls the device, the initial setup… And along with that, Mr. Nguyen Huu Huy emphasized that the SOTI MobiControl solution has played the role of adding value to the equipment designed and manufactured by Xelex. At the same time, it can solve the highest and most complex requirements from customers with high requirements for security and terminal control, especially government customers and large enterprises.

(Mr) Nguyen Huu Huy – Technical Director – XELEX Company

Continuing the program, Mr. Faizan Mirza (Southeast Asia & Greater China Regional Director) – Representative from SOTI also shared about SOTI’s ecosystem, SOTI ONE platform and the effectiveness when we apply the mobile device management system in enterprise. He gave his assessment before and after using system management software and also the effects of COVID on businesses.

Mr. Faizan Mirza – Southeast Asia & Greater China Regional Director

Emphasizing the SOTI MobiControl solution suite, Ms. Lan Hoa (Vietnam Account Manager) from SOTI has pointed out the difficulties of enterprises in managing mobile devices and the operation of SOTI MobiControl. According to Ms. Lan Hoa’s analysis, when businesses transition to the “new normal” phase, they will face challenges in managing mobile devices and the benefits of SOTI MobiControl to solve these problems. that towel. In order to bring a more realistic and clearer view on SOTI MobiControl mobile device management system, Mr. Narith Vorrakitdecha (Southeast Asia Sales Engineer) of SOTI together with Mr. Luong Vinh Hung – Solution Implementation Director of the company TSL has practically demoed on the system how to function from basic to advanced of the system such as: profile design, employee authorization, zoning of device assignment, how to support error correction on device…

Moreover, the atmosphere of the seminar was even more exciting in the answer to questions from attendees such as: How to install the system on the device, how to control operation and access to applications that are not related to work, how the system ensures information security for businesses… With detailed answers and specific analysis from demonstrations The panelists in the seminar gave the answers and solutions to the mobile device management problems for the guests to help them find a centralized mobile device management solution effectively and appropriately. best for businesses.

The solution for businesses in centralized management of mobile for every business!

TSL and SOTI’s Mobile Control Solution – A mobile platform that connects all data is an effective solution to help businesses solve all problems related to the management and control of mobile devices. SOTI MobiControl’s EMM/MDM platform will help businesses achieve all their expectations, including: device configuration, application allocation, content management, remote support, device tracking and email management, enforce security, identify and neutralize security risks to Internet of Things (IoT) endpoints, and minimize device downtime to maintain productivity.

What’s more, with SOTI XTreme Technology and SOTI XTreme Hub – this new feature optimizes data communication performance 10 times faster. SOTI MobiControl eliminates all the hassles businesses face when managing multi-OS, multi-vendor and multi-purpose. All distributed on a scientific interface, easy to understand and use. SOTI mobile management solution is the key to help businesses improve system management and operation productivity.

We guarantee that we can support businesses to come up with the above solutions and at the same time can reduce operating costs, management costs as well as increase the value of the business. At the same time, through the SOTI ONE platform, it is possible to integrate with other platforms in the SOTI ecosystem: SOTI Snap, SOTI Assist, etc.

Company TSL would like to respectfully express our gratitude to co-speakers and strategic partners: SOTI and XELEX for bringing true sharing and extremely useful experiences. Closing the workshop, TSL Company, accompanying SOTI, firmly believes that it can bring businesses the world’s leading solutions and the best quality user experiences. Thank you to the invited guests from businesses for taking their valuable time to participate in the seminar.

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