Webinar “Optimizing & digitizing manufacturing/ distribution warehouse management in F&B and Dairy industry” has officially ended !!
Webinar “Optimizing & digitizing manufacturing/ distribution warehouse management in F&B and Dairy industry” has officially ended !!

Webinar “Optimizing & digitizing manufacturing/ distribution warehouse management in F&B and Dairy industry” has officially ended !!

On the morning of November 26th, 2021, TSL successfully organized a webinar with the topic “Optimizing and digitizing manufacturing/ distribution warehouse management in the Food & Dairy industry”

It is an undeniable fact that the COVID-19 pandemic has created new challenges for warehouse management. The manual process has traditionally been time-consuming and requires much labor in the warehouse to meet it. However, under the changes in employment status during the COVID-19 pandemic, we see this shortcoming even more clearly. That’s just one of the thousands of big and small difficulties in warehouse management today…

The webinar was held on the Microsoft Teams platform, bringing together experts with many years of experience in the field of warehouse management. The content of the webinar discussed the current challenges of businesses in the field of production / distribution warehouses in the F&B and Dairy industry when transitioning to the “new normal” status. Finally, we offer the most effective and suitable solutions for these businesses.


At the beginning of the session, Mr. Tran Anh Minh Huy (Chief Executive Officer – TLS) said “The Covid-19 pandemic has made many businesses realize the importance and changed the mindset of many businesses in the transformation, especially the distribution/production warehouse of the F&B and Dairy industry”.

According to the analysis of Ms. Nguyen Thi Thanh Huyen (Solutions Director – TSL), when transitioning to the “new normal” status, the distribution warehouse / manufacturing enterprises in the F&B and Dairy industry will face four challenges, including: efficiency in each step of the process in the warehouse, product traceability, real-time inventory tracking and reporting issues.

Following the program, the speakers from Honeywell’s sponsor companion, Mr. Tran Ngoc Phong (Distribution Sales Manager) and Mr. Nguyen Hoai Do (Solution Architect) shared about barcode devices to serve in the warehouse management process. This is also the first step for all businesses to move towards digitization in the warehouse.

How do you overcome warehouse management challenges in Vietnam?

TSL, the warehouse management system from Blue Yonder (BY WMS) and the barcode devices from Honeywell will be an effective solution to solve all the “backlog” problems in the warehouse management of your business. Intelligent warehouse management solution BY WMS is committed to helping businesses reduce operating costs, consequently improving competitiveness and increasing profits.

Besides, BY WMS warehouse management solution also helps businesses to add value from partnering with Microsoft to bring this solution to market on the Azure platform. The Azure ecosystem has proactive monitoring and provides an extended and secure approach through the API Gateway, thereby promoting warehouse operations through the Luminate platform.

It was this collaboration that helped the company build a cloud-based ecosystem to optimize system responsiveness. The application of this technology has helped eliminate the technology cycle burden.

WAREHOUSE MANAGEMENT – ALREADY HAVE TSL: Get a full set of equipment up to 300 million when buying BY WMS warehouse management solution

To accompany Vietnam logistics enterprises to overcome difficulties during the transition to the “new normal” status after the Covid-19 pandemic. TSL announces to all customers a promotion program with a huge discount. A full set of equipment in stock such as scanners, barcode printers, computers, laptops … from the world’s leading brands – Honeywell –  that will be bonused completely free of charge when customers deploy BY WMS warehouse management solution of TSL from November 26 to December 31.


Deploying a full suite of warehouse management solution and equipment has never been easier. TSL is committed to efficiency, rapid deployment with professional services. The first 10 registered customers will receive a free consultation on the warehouse operation process with the staff who are the leading experts in the field of warehouse.

Yours truly, we would like to sincerely thank you for taking your valuable time to participate in our webinar. During the program, if there is any negligence that makes you unsatisfied, TSL would like you to ignore it!

Besides, TSL also would like to respectfully thank the sponsors, BlueYonder and Honeywell. Moreover, We would like to thank the speakers for their extremely useful sharing and analysis.

Best regards,

TSL Team.


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