5 must-have “required” features of WMS Warehouse management system

The warehouse is the cornerstone of every manufacturing organization – Central storage and product distribution. Therefore, the handling of large and small warehouse operations such as checking, confirming orders to packaging, assembling or chatting must be directed and supervised to ensure the warehouse operation process is the most accurate and effective. WMS Warehouse Management System (WMS) can help you solve…

Honeywell officially distributes 2 leading Logistic TMS-WMS solutions in Vietnam market

Honeywell officially distributed 2 leading technology solutions of Logistic TMS-WMS in Vietnam market. On November 30, 2018, Ho Chi Minh – Vietnam, Mr. Michael Zhou – General Director of FLUX / Honeywell and Mr. Dang The Khoi – Chairman of Long Bình Transport Joint Stock Company attended the signing ceremony of the cooperation agreement. Accordingly, the two sides will cooperate…

Promote enterprise in logistics solutions, why not?

Logistics solutions are and how benefits for business? Invite you to read the Total Soluions Logistics learn through articles stars here. The need for enterprise logistics? As well as marketing, logistics terminology so far no Vietnamese names correctly. Can understand, logistics management activities or managed supply transport system of a business. Logistics is particularly important, for complex operations through many…

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