Why choose TSL?
Why choose TSL?

Why choose TSL?

From 2018, businesses have focused more on supply chain operations, along with technologies that have also been widely applied in chain operations. Many third parties provide logistics services and also have many management solutions.

However, the question “which is the reasonable choice?” Which company is the supplier can Vietnamese enterprises keep up and even surpass customer satisfaction?

With this question, we confidently say that we – TSL is the best choice for businesses. TSL is the official agent in Vietnam of Blue Yonder – the leading logistics service provider in the world. To better understand the benefits that TSL has brought to the Vietnam market, invite you to learn through the following article:

The situation of the current market

There is no business that can confidently say that they can build a comprehensive logistics system, both improve operational efficiency and reduce costs without the support of technology.

To better understand this issue, let’s learn about the logistics market in recent years.

Logistics is closely related to global economic and trade growth. World economic growth in 2017 is a breakthrough that changes the logistics market in many countries around the world. The economic confrontation between the world’s big countries, especially between the United States and typical trading partners like China, the EU has effected tax policy in trading activities between different countries. This directly affects the transportation and warehousing of not only international trade but also trade activities within each country.

That’s when businesses pay more attention to logistics, a vital link that significantly affects their customer experience and the costs they have to invest in supply chain operations.

The influence of technology on logistics activities

Cheap labor is no longer a significant factor affecting the logistics market. Instead, businesses focus heavily on building intelligent storage and transportation systems by using logistics solutions from companies specialized in this area. In the world, Blue Yonder is considered as a leading company in providing logistics solutions, and in Vietnam, we have TSL – a representative of Blue Yonder.

How is Importance of BlueYonder in the world logistics market?

BlueYonder solutions are built to meet customer needs for business convenience. Thanks to Blue Yonder solutions, you can deliver to your customers when, how, and where they want to base on the use of the world’s # 1 digital implementation platform.

Talking about BlueYonder’s achievements in the logistics market, we can get statistics through the numbers below:

  • 3000: More than 3000 customers are using the solution
  • 8/10: 8 of the top 10 logistics service providers use it
  • 73/100: 73 of the top 100 retailers use
  • 77/100: 77 of the top 100 factories using the solution

Talking about awards, BlueYonder has received many awards from internal management oversight to contributions to the logistics market in general and the development of each business in particular.  In particular, Blue Yonder has been voted TOP by Gartner – a global research and consulting company, leading information and consultancy.

As a leading logistics solution provider, so choosing the authorized dealer in Blue Yonder countries is also very strict. In Vietnam market, TSL is the agent of BlueYonder.

What is the difference of TSL ?

First of all, the capacity of TSL has been recognized by an international logistics solution provider like BlueYonder. In Vietnam market, there are many businesses providing logistics solution, but TSL has become the agent of Blue Yonder.

TSL was awarded the official strategic partner certificate in Vietnam of Blue Yonder

Why does BlueYonder trust and choose TSL?

Talking about capacity, TSL is one of the few suppliers that meet the rigorous criteria from BlueYonder. The staff is highly appreciated from the consulting department, deployment to control. All have built a scientific, professional operating system, in line with the orientation of technology companies.

Not only that, to improve the capacity of the partner, BlueYonder also trains and provides certificates for TSL’s personnel.

Below are some certificates and BlueYonder issued to TSL personnel:

Currently, TSL is providing solutions such as:

  • Warehouse Management System (WMS)
  • Transport Management System (TMS)
  • Category Management System (CMS)
  • Demand Forecast  (D&F)
  • Mobile Management  (SOTI)

In addition, TSL also provides design consulting services and other assistive devices such as Honeywell devices, Zebra devices, Dell devices, and supplies.

It can be said that TSL has provided a comprehensive service package for businesses in Vietnam market. The full-service range includes consulting on design, installation, and system management.

With the support of our partner BlueYonder, TSL has done well the role of a leading provider of comprehensive solutions for leading supply chains in Vietnam. The company has provided solutions to hundreds of businesses from manufacturing companies, service companies to third parties providing services.

Therefore, TSL is always the ideal choice for businesses. We can be confident that, with the support of BlueYonder, Vietnamese companies will be able to build a more efficient, economic and improved customer supply chain.

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