5 must-have “required” features of WMS Warehouse management system
5 must-have “required” features of WMS Warehouse management system

5 must-have “required” features of WMS Warehouse management system

The warehouse is the cornerstone of every manufacturing organization – Central storage and product distribution. Therefore, the handling of large and small warehouse operations such as checking, confirming orders to packaging, assembling or chatting must be directed and supervised to ensure the warehouse operation process is the most accurate and effective. WMS Warehouse Management System (WMS) can help you solve the above issue.

Warehouse management system is still a prerequisite of supply chain management, seamless management of customer requirements of distribution channels. With WMS, warehouse workers can keep up with daily activities and work efficiently to achieve certain objectives. WMS can improve labor productivity by delivering real-time inventory visibility, increasing inventory accuracy, and reducing inventory risk levels.

Eliminates the need for paperwork and craft procedures. WMS facilitates the automation of warehouse operations and this reduces the time and effort of its employees.
In addition, warehouse management system allows you to create multi-dimensional barcode, scan QR codes, print labels, view order list and consume inventory in real time. Facilitate transfer of warehouse between companies and provide authorization to employees.

1. Seamless integration with ERP platforms

Once the data in the WMS is integrated with your ERP, the system will initiate the process and facilitate real-time data tracking across the organization. At the same time, make sure that all information is stored on a single platform and is well synchronized with other departments.

For example, if the sales team is unfamiliar with the inventory management system, it will be difficult to update customer efficiency on orders. To ensure that employees and other departments have a panoramic view of the supply chain. WMS should be well integrated with the ERP platform such as SAP Business One.

2. Mobile Deployment – access anytime, anywhere

In the world of technology development today, even while traveling abroad, you can still be flexible in terms of work and easy access to data in warehouses, meetings, conferences. An ideal repository management system that owns a mobile-friendly interface to be accessible from handheld devices. Allows managers to set up regulatory bodies, view a list of orders, raw materials, finished goods, and track inventory along the way.

By updating the data instantly on WMS supports integrated web or mobile devices. Data will automatically be updated in the ERP system. This helps departments clarity in the work process and provide the actual display of the status of inventory. Moreover, the creation of electronic reporting, record all transactions and manage their daily work very easily via mobile devices.

3. Reduce cost through optimization of resources

How to know which goods enter the warehouse from when and their status? Or tracking and updating of resources (human, material and time) the move it?

Integrated WMS allows you to plan and balance the number of orders, track progress out, rationalization of packing and shipping. Warehouse Management helps determine labor standards to the daily operation is done on time and with maximum accuracy.

WMS eliminate the unnecessary leaves and help employees manage distribution warehouses, shopping and other tasks electronically. Employees can capture, record and view a list of data anytime, anywhere. No errors – no cost!

4. Domestic and overseas inventory flow

situation of transport and abroad have been many changes in the past few years. All transactions are recorded electronically and processes are automated and controlled by modern software systems. WMS is designed specifically to manage activities in a seamless way. Screen features responsive, intuitive user interface can be automatically adjusted according to the size and orientation of the device.
WMS allows you to:

  • Scan and print barcode is placed or to put on items
  • Print labels and create some items (Lot / Serial Number)
  • Identify details about shipments and goods not being tracked by Master Item details screen

5. The process of inventory transfer paperless (warehouse to warehouse)

Trading on paper wastage causes bulky and unnecessary. WMS solution eliminates the handling of the form by providing the features can be accessed easily. Help switching one less time-consuming task than.

For example, if the request Warehouse A lot of products from warehouse B nearby, they can exchange goods using stock transfer option. You can mention item code, batch number, pin code, the number of transfer and handle it in minutes. After the items are moved, you will receive a confirmation message with a reference number and transaction details. Every detail is mentioned in application-friendly mobile devices and web support. And therefore, WMS helps save time, effort and promote the tracking of goods in real time.

Warehouse Management System is an application-friendly mobile and web-based, ensuring the accuracy of data. Improve business decision making, simplify and standardize daily warehouse operations by providing comprehensive functionality. From installation and creation to print barcode and recorded good, stock transfer, transfer bins and label printing items. WMS enabling a variety of functions increase business productivity of businesses by reducing labor costs and time.

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