Terms And Conditions

Terms And Conditions

TSL provides services to you after you register for an account on our website. That means you acknowledge that you have researched and comply with the terms and conditions. Therefore, we encourage you to research the terms carefully before using

1. Provisions on intellectual property

We copyright all materials that create TSL’s trademark. You can not use any trademark logos for commercial purposes unless you receive our written consent.
We reserve the right to terminate your access when we see you have suspicious behavior. We can even sue you when you adversely affect our brand.

2. Some limited cases

Sensitive information

You do not need to provide us with any information regarding your health, race or ethnic origin, especially some sensitive information. TSL does not welcome you to provide sensitive information to us, whether through the website or any other methods.

Age range

Our platform is not aimed at children under 13 years old. TSL does not knowingly receive, collect personal information from children under the age of 13.

3. Your rights and choices

TSL has clear rules when using the platform, and you can agree or reject those terms. Of course, only when you agree to the conditions can you continue to use our services.
Through your personal information, we send you advertisements that we feel are right for you. On your side, you have the right to receive or refuse direct marketing at any time. You can refuse to advertise directly by unsubscribing or contacting us directly.

4. Terms of changing information

We will often change the terms to upgrade the system and give users the best experience. We will not announce all the changes we have updated, so you should regularly update our websites to know the latest rules.
This is the general term we apply to every customer. Please contact us if you find that the above conditions are unreasonable or need further explanation.

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