Transport and Logistics

Transport and Logistics
Research the management and operation of businesses in the current COVID-19

Facing difficulties from the impact of Coronavirus, businesses are all concerned with the story “How to get Logistics back to normal?”. In other words, is there a solution to help companies bring business activities back to normal but with a new way. To clarify this question, Mr. Brasca, a representative of Blue Yonder, researched the answers of more than 150…

What is the solution for businesses during this period?

Market conditions during the COVID-19 and solutions for businesses The international economy is facing the difficult problems caused by the COVID-19 epidemic, especially in sectors such as Food & Beverage and Vehicles. Many countries have released alarming figures about the economic downturn in 2020 and not decline in 2021. However, objectively judging the COVID-19 pandemic has also awakened the management…

Revealing the unpredictable situation of the transport and logistics industries during COVID-19. What is the solution?

The world economy is struggling with COVID- 19's effects in just nearly a year. Thousands of businesses had to declare bankruptcy. Even the big men with decades-old could not escape reality. In this challenging situation, the transport and logistics industries are also affected positively and negatively. Most businesses that still follow backward management face many difficulties; many of them also…

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