supply chain management

supply chain management
How 3PL Businesses Can Better Manage Change?

Change is so difficult! Many businesses still keep this idea, that’s why they develop slowly even bankrupt. Not only that, some businesses still maintain the working style “If it’s not broken, don’t try to fix it”. However, the effects of the Covid pandemic as well as the development of e-commerce have awakened many businesses that are still slow to change.…

Research the management and operation of businesses in the current COVID-19

Facing difficulties from the impact of Coronavirus, businesses are all concerned with the story “How to get Logistics back to normal?”. In other words, is there a solution to help companies bring business activities back to normal but with a new way. To clarify this question, Mr. Brasca, a representative of Blue Yonder, researched the answers of more than 150…

How the supply chain is changing?

“Will Covid be prevented?” It is a matter that none of us can be sure of. However, as we move into the new year with more vaccines being rolled out globally, there is still hope that epidemic will be pushed back. Throughout 2020, the logistics industry faces a major challenge, with a series of regional blockade requests from governments of…

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