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News Blue Yonder
Customer service measurement system in supply chain management and Dell’s BTO model

Each type of market presents unique opportunities for the supply chain. To grow steadily, companies need to seize the various available opportunities in the market. In recent years, Vietnam is considered as a growing market. This growth market will require a high level of customer service especially demonstrated through on-time fulfillment and delivery rates… A supply chain exists to satisfy…

The global supply chain is gradually turning into a supply network

A new world order is taking shape for the vital supply chains that supply most of the goods we use every day. Companies, especially technology ones, are questioning the legitimacy of the past 50 years of globalization. Its fundamentals include always looking for the lowest cost manufacturer, no matter the distance, and never carrying excess inventory or parts. Modern supply…

How to minimize the impact of the Bullwhip effect on the supply chain?

As the production and distribution enterprises move further away from the end customer, the signal of demand arising in the market will be at greater risk of deviation. At some point, this deviation can be up to 3 to 5 times the original demand. And when demand is returned incorrectly, the supply chain will be negatively impacted, the cause of…

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