Three ways to increase demand forecast accuracy in a volatile market

As new headlines constantly remind us, the world’s supply chains are operating in an increasingly precarious business landscape. The high costs and uncertainty of raw materials, components, labor and transportation have led to some significant product shortages ― most visibly, semiconductor chips impacting the automotive industry, but other products as well… When products are scarce, it becomes even more critical…

How can Blockchain affect Logistics and Transportation industry?

Transportation is a massive segment of the global economy, as much as 12% of cash flows, and there are so many parties involved: shippers, carriers, customs and the companies that provide fuel for trucks, planes, trains, etc. There are so many transactions associated with any shipment. Now think about having to wait 60 to 90 days for payment across each…

How is market condition after the COVID-19 period and what is the problem solution?

The international economy is facing the difficult problems caused by the Covid epidemic, especially in sectors such as food & beverage, and vehicles. Many countries have released alarming figures about the economic downturn in 2020 and not decline in 2021. However, objectively judging, the Covid pandemic has also awakened the management awareness of many businesses, especially in logistics. The impact…

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