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Blog Blue Yonder
Solutions for problems of warehouse operation management

In the logistics chain, warehouse management is considered by businesses as the most important step affecting the progress and direct customer experience with the brand. Warehouse management is a complex, multi-layered process that includes activities: inventory management, management of import and export processes and warehouse resources… It is very difficult to keep all these operations up and running smoothly to…

The global supply chain of the Information Technology industry

Information Technology (IT) products are a special type of goods in the supply chain, whose characteristics, structures, and participants are different from the other common goods of the global supply chains. The supply chain of the IT industry is often characterized by a very high degree of outsourcing and off-shoring because there are many actors and “sub” supply chains in…

TSL launches Vietnamese standard language set for Blue Yonder warehouse management solution (BY WMS)

TSL is pleased to announce to all customers, TSL has successfully integrated the Vietnamese standard language set for Blue Yonder’s Warehouse Management System (BY WMS). BY WMS with the Vietnamese version converted by TSL’s experienced team in the warehouse field, which will make the user experience – TSL’s customers in the Vietnamese market – easier and faster. This new standard…

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