How 3PL Businesses Can Better Manage Change?

Change is so difficult! Many businesses still keep this idea, that’s why they develop slowly even bankrupt. Not only that, some businesses still maintain the working style “If it’s not broken, don’t try to fix it”. However, the effects of the Covid pandemic as well as the development of e-commerce have awakened many businesses that are still slow to change.…

Supply Chain Visibility 2020

In the modern supply chain, visibility is more critical than ever; it helps managers minimize analysis time and get fast, accurate information to make timely decisions. Key Facts Visibility Visibility is a critical industry-wide requirement for 2020. These days, changes in shopper behavior and regulatory requirements from the environment put pressure on supply chains. This requires supply chains to leverage…

3PL and how to respond to COVID-19

COVID-19 has changed the whole economy in the world; it has brought a great challenge for both suppliers and 3rd logistics company (3PL). Social isolation has transformed customers' purchase behavior completely overnight, disrupting, and stressing distribution activities. In this troubled situation, the demand for customers is almost decreasing, but some essential items like food and medicine are in the peak…

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