The problem with mobile device management and how to avoid them
The problem with mobile device management and how to avoid them

The problem with mobile device management and how to avoid them

The fourth industrial revolution (I4.0) has been taking place excitingly with the convergence of the physical world and the virtual (digital) world. In which the fundamental driving force behind this revolution is the Internet of Things (IoT) which is developing at an astonishing rate. The potential benefits and growth of IoT seem endless. With IoT, business operations will become smarter, but this time it is quite complicated because it requires millions of mobile devices to ensure constant connectivity. At that time, the problem is that businesses must be more strict in monitoring these devices, ensuring that downtime is minimized and internal information is secure.

Know the challenges of centralized management of mobile devices to find effective solutions. Below are some of the most common problems businesses face:

Loss of control for mobile devices: For businesses, there are many mobile devices such as smartphones, industrial tablets, laptops and even inventory control machines, barcode printers, … in warehouses or scattered in retail stores. Without a centralized management system, it is difficult to know where each device is? What is their condition? Which individual is using? Has the use been effective, or not?

The process of managing devices is time consuming and complex: Because each business does not have only one type of equipment or those devices come from the same supplier, not to mention the quantity. Moreover, each mobile device in the enterprise with different operating systems will have different management methods. This will be a huge challenge to manage all of these devices centrally.

The problem of management costs and equipment downtime: In the event that equipment malfunctions arise, IT will most likely spend a lot of time locating and handling these device failures. Need to wait to send the device to the center or IT must be directly on-site for repair. This entails huge annual IT costs and reduces operating efficiency, leading to a lot of equipment downtime.

Data security: Consider this situation: let’s say a mobile device with one of your top business executives is lost. With essential data at the risk of leaking away, your business could face penalties; you could lose customers, you could face legal trouble.

Two factors place data security among the top enterprise mobility security threats.The first is that data security can be compromised through multiple routes. Everything from unverified wi-fi networks and third-party apps to IoT (Internet of Things) and inadequate security protocols can pose serious security challenges. The second is the scale of damage it can cause. A single compromised device can cause leakage of sensitive data. In addition to data leakage, there is the additional danger that the security attack will disrupt existing processes, cause data loss, or expose personal data.

Automatic calculation and installation time: An enterprise mobile device can be used by many different users. In addition, many businesses today are having trouble installing and deploying applications on hundreds, even thousands of mobile devices for businesses. It can take hours to configure and install the application for each device, ensuring it is suitable for each user’s use.

Over the past two years, the Covid pandemic has given us new challenges and forced businesses to gradually innovate themselves, digitize systems and no industry is an exception. Before the IoT era, the era of using smart devices to serve management and operation in enterprises. However, the challenges listed above are not a small “barrier” for every business.

“SOTI Mobicontrol  – one platform connecting everything” – Solutions to problems

SOTI MobiControl is the Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution that gives you visibility and control over where your business-critical mobile devices are, what they’re doing, how they’re performing, and what security or compliance risks they’re facing.

SOTI MobiControl’s EMM/MDM platform will help businesses achieve all their expectations, including: device configuration, application allocation, content management, remote support, device tracking and email management, security enforcement, identify and neutralize security risks to the Internet of Things (IoT) endpoints, minimize equipment downtime to maintain productivity.

In addition, some of the other benefits that EMM/MDM brings include:

  • Optimization: Deploy devices quickly, take control of them, and ensure they’re used for business for optimal performance. In addition, the solution is customizable and simplifies operations for users.
  • Ensure compliance: Device management allows users to access only authorized content or websites and apps, and locks the device immediately if violations are detected.
  • Cost savings: Rapid deployment and provisioning empowers users, limiting IT travel…
  • Reduced downtime: The ability to support remote control helps you save a lot of time to repair, and fix problems when the device fails.

Featuring SOTI XTreme Technology and SOTI XTreme Hub

SOTI MobiControl now features SOTI XTreme Technology. This new feature optimizes data communication performance for organizations with limited bandwidth connections to their remote warehouses, distribution centres and retail stores. SOTI XTreme Tech     nology reduces the time required to distribute apps and data to your remote mobile devices. Improve business efficiency and customer satisfaction with 10X faster data delivery.

SOTI XTreme Hub communicates directly with SOTI MobiControl from distributed locations to receive data and app transfers, in place of each individual Android device. Individual devices are instructed by SOTI MobiControl to acquire new updates directly from the SOTI XTreme Hub. This greatly reduces the number of times new data and apps are required to be sent across an organization’s limited connection, and reduces the time required to complete data and app deployments across large numbers of Android devices by up to 60%.

SOTI MobiControl eliminates all the hassles businesses face when managing multi-OS, multi-vendor and multi-purpose. All distributed on a scientific interface, easy to understand and use. SOTI mobile management solution is the key to help businesses improve system management and operation productivity.

Contact us for more advice on SOTI MobiControl Solution and get a completely free demo!

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